If you are a homeowner or property manager, keeping up with the look of your property is always a must. 
It can be a big task to make sure your home or business is properly maintained. Painting the interior or exterior of your space can make a huge difference in brightening up the interior or freshening up the curb appeal.  If you are in the market for an update, considering hiring a Lawrenceville painting contractor that provides high-quality work at an affordable price. Not only will can Lawrenceville painters from Hector’s Magic Painting provide a necessary facelift to your building, but they can also lighten your workload.  If commercial painting or house painting in Lawrenceville is what you are looking for, turn to the experts at Hector’s Magic Painting.

exterior painting

Lawrenceville Exterior Painting

For many potential customers or buyers, the exterior of a property makes a lasting first impression.  Signs of faded, chipped, or damaged paint doesn’t give off the look you want others to remember. Lawrenceville painters can make all the difference in transforming the exterior of your space.  A Lawrenceville exterior painter at Hector’s Magic Painting will always use best practices to meet industry standards for high-quality work that exceeds all expectations. For exceptional painting in Lawrenceville, turn to the professionals at Hector’s Magic Painting.

Lawrenceville Interior Painting

If house painting in Lawrenceville seems like an overwhelming task, a painting contractor in Lawrenceville can be of help.  With years of experience with precision painting and paying close attention to detail, a Lawrenceville painter is sure to give you a final product you can be proud of.  You will be surprised at how a simple paint job can completely transform the inside of your home. Hire a professional from our team for house painters in Lawrenceville you can trust to give you a makeover you will love.

interior painting

Choose the Best Painters in Lawrenceville

When you choose Hector’s Magic Painting painters in Lawrenceville, you can receive a free estimate for your project.  We provide exceptional services at affordable prices, your satisfaction guaranteed. In fact, prices begin at $1.50 a square foot instead of the standard $2.  Exterior painting services begin at $1500 including paint and labor and come with a 2-year exterior warranty. Not sure what colors to choose? Take advantage of our professional color consultations.  Eco-friendly paint options are also available. Our expert painting crews are licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind. Other services we offer include power washing beginning at $350 for a standard house, hanging drywall, and flooring installation from our sister company, Hector’s Magic Flooring.  Give us a call today to ensure your project is in capable, qualified hands. We look forward to hearing from you.